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Practice Information:

  • Practice starts Monday the 17th of April 2023 and will be held at Bettendorf High School.

  • Club practices will end in late July.

  • It is highly encouraged that athletes practice at least 3 times per week.

  • Weekday practices start at 6:00 PM (please be on time).

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday are primary training / running days.

  • Tuesday and Thursday are considered recovery days and workouts will include light training, technique / skill development and field events.

  • Saturday practices start times will vary and will emphasize endurance training and other related skills.

  • Hurdlers practice days are scheduled with the Hurdle coaches and are dependent on coaching availability.

  • Weekday practices normally end between 7:30 and 7:45 if everyone arrives on time.

  • Practice uniform: running shorts (NO BASKETBALL SHORTS), short sleeve top, & running shoes.

  • Spikes can be used when coaches give the ok, and generally for hurdle, block start, long jump & high jump practices.

  • Bring a water bottle to practice every day. No soda, Kool Aid, etc. Sports drinks are good for AFTER practice.

  • Practice will be held if it is lightly raining at the practice start time.

  • We will stop practice if there is a heavy rain and practice will stop if there is lightning in the immediate area.

  • Please do not allow your children to eat RIGHT before practice.

  • A light meal or snack after school and dinner after practice is recommended if possible.

  • Please have your child go to the bathroom before practice. The high school rest rooms may not be available.

  • Practices will probably result in some sore muscles and joints. Sore ankles and various leg muscles soreness are normal and should disappear during the first few weeks when practices are regularly attended. If your child has continuing pain, particularly in the foot or around the ankle, knee or shin areas, make sure the coach knows!

  • Bring sweats to practice. Always dress warmer than you think necessary. It is easier to take off sweats than put on the sweats you didn’t bring! You want to keep your muscles warm throughout the practice.

  • We are a team and strongly support athletes encouraging each other during practices and track meets.

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